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Farrah Abraham Stuns ?teen Mom? Fans, Debuts Blow Up Doll

She made a film with James Deen, and initially claimed that it was supposed to be private. Reportedly, she made six figures from Vivid for the film, which broke records the day it was released online. Although Farrah has not shot any more footage, a second film was made with unused footage from the first, keeping her in the adult entertainment spotlight. Now that film is nominated Supar star sexy movies for an AVN Award. Although the actual awards havent happened yet (and it is unclear if Farrah Abraham will win against the other celebrities she is up against), she did win the Best Mens Product Award at the show . Aside from the adult film industry, Farrah also went into the adult toy line and has been successful.
Source http://www.inquisitr.com/1781070/farrah-abraham-stuns-teen-mom-fans-debuts-blow-up-doll/

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