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Ryan Edwards Shelby Woods: 'teen Mom' Couple Splits

The Teen Mom couple had been filming the fifth season of their MTV reality show, when, according to reports, they called it quits. On Twitter, the former couple confirmed their split with a series of tweets. [Ryan Edwards] is potty trained and free to a good home. Any takers? Woods wrote to fans , via a November 10 report by Wetpaint Entertainment. In response, Edwards told Woods, I s**t in your bed can you help me clean it up. Then, after Woods called him a loser, Edwards wrote, You dont wanna clean up my s**t you dont love me. Following their October breakup, Edwards told a friend, Im single so I have no restriction lol Im ready to http://www.farrahabrahamsextapes.net/ get wild with it like old times son. Although Ryan Ewards and the rest of the Teen Mom cast is currently filming season five, and has been since the summer, Farrah Abraham has not. According to the Inquisitr, Abraham was fired from the popular series after taking her career path in a direction that was frowned upon by the network. Earlier in the year, Abraham didnt seemed fazed by her estrangement from the cast.
Source http://www.inquisitr.com/1600939/ryan-edwards-is-single-split-from-girlfriend-shelby-woods-amid-filming-on-teen-mom-season-five/

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