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Wwe News: Former Pro-wrestler Marcus ?buff? Bagwell Signs On With Vivid Entertainment To Do Porn

Buff Bagwell was a former WCW stand-out and was always seen as a guy that had the look to be a star but didnt have what was needed either in the ring or on the mic. While his mic skills improved, he was never what the companies wanted in a wrestler. When WCW was bought out by WWE in 2001, Bagwell had one match for Booker Ts World Heavyweight Championship on WWE Farrah Abraham tape RAW. Thus making him a WWE Superstar for one night. WWE did not like how he looked and with an influx of WCW and ECW talent coming in, the WWE ended up not hiring Bagwell and he was left out in the cold. While he put out feelers for a comeback off and on, WWE never had any interest. This led to Buff going to the Independent scene. Sadly, this does not always pay well enough to last even for those in the best of shape.
Source http://www.inquisitr.com/1378799/wwe-news-former-pro-wrestler-marcus-buff-bagwell-signs-on-with-vivid-entertainment-to-do-porn/

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